Searching for Grace

Searching for Grace by Carol Henderson

This intriguing family story describes a woman's search for her true mother. Searching for Grace combines Heather Tovey's vivid and often amusing memories of a childhood with glimpses into London's high society of the 1920s. It is also the story of two young people whose love is threatened by lies and hypocrisy.

Years later, living in New Zealand, Heather finally received a letter confirming the identity of her birth mother. As the story opens in 1975, she is battling immigration officials for special permission to travel to England to prove her identity. Without a birth certificate this is no easy task.

When Heather meets her birth family, extraordinary facts emerge — and Heather and Carol find that appearances are one thing, truth another.

Price: NZD 35.00 (incl. p+p), AUD 35.00 (incl. p+p), GBP 24.00 (incl. p+p)
Steele Roberts Publishers, Wellington. IBSN: 9781877577017


A Blaze of Colour

Searching for Grace by Carol Henderson

Painter, poet, photographer and philosopher Gordon Tovey was a man who despite, or perhaps because of, his lack of formal academic qualifications, brought about a revolution in our education system

An inspirational and controversial figure throughout his life, Gordon Tovey changed the way we see art and culture in New Zealand.

A Blaze of Colour is a revealing biography of Tovey, written by his daughter, with frank comments from those people who knew him, loved him and fell out with him.

Price: NZD 25.00 (incl. p+p), AUD 22.00 (incl. p+p), GBP 13.00 (incl. p+p)