Heather Tovey

Heather Tovey was born in London in 1911 and raised by a governess. At 18 she secretly married artist Gordon Tovey, who went on to revolutionise art teaching in New Zealand schools. In her 60s Heather finally learned the identity of her mother, and in 1975 she travelled to England to pursue her quest to find her family. The truth behind all the secrecy is the subject of Searching for Grace. Heather died in 2004, aged 93.


Carol Henderson

Heather and Gordon Tovey's daughter, worked as an art specialist and primary teacher. In 1998, having retired to follow creative ventures, she published A Blaze of Colour, a biography of her father, and began to help Heather record her early memories. In 1980, with husband Neil, Carol had travelled to England on the first of several trips to meet with Heather's newly discovered relations and seek further answers.