Creative work inspired by 'Searching for Grace'

Paula Feather writes from Auckland:

I had only moments after I finished  reading the last pages of “Searching  For Grace,” when I felt a compelling  desire to express something  that I feel is our birthright — to  know what a mother's love can be and what it feels like. I did not have any trouble  expressing  the feelings I was having and it was about two weeks later that the music came to me.

Thank you for sharing this work with the world. Although we have not met, I want you to know I am deeply affected  and filled with gratitude.

I enclose here a recording I made of the song. My son Alexander recorded it on a mini audio device and then mastered it very simply on a programme on the computer.

I send it to you with my love.

Paula Feather


A Mother’s Love

To know is to be
And to be is to have
A sense of who we are

Love in the mother’s eye
Contemporary divinity
The centre from which all flows
Like a river never ending
And birdsong at morning
Her love is how we survive

Waking with love sleeping with love
Dining on love’s purity
Acceptance and knowing
Heartbeat inheriting
The pulse we know in ourselves

Lyrics (c) copyright by Paula Feather