Review: ‘Searching for Grace’
by Edward Mayor

No opera plot could hope to rival the web of intrigue and subterfuge of this true story, which sweeps you immediately into the High Society world of early twentieth century England, to reveal how it dealt with inconvenient problems.

The heroine, a woman worthy of the name, first sees the light of day in 1911. Named Heather Campbell, she grows up to spend the rest of her long life tortured by her identity. The victim of many lies, she gradually acquires the strength to tackle the whole mess head-on, exposing oaths of secrecy, shattering revelations, and people who would stop at nothing to keep the lid on everything.

One of England’s greatest society hostesses, the Grace of the title, was the cause of the entire drama. A woman of legendary generosity, Lady Grace Weigall was a survivor with an appetite for handsome men. She was treated like Royalty by the inhabitants of the sedate Lincolnshire Spa where she spent half her life, but they only saw the inspirational, kindly figurehead, never guessing at the tortured soul beneath.

With a superbly paced narrative backed by many telling photographs and a mountain of evidence, Heather Campbell’s daughter Carol Henderson tells her mother’s story using her words and memories. We read of an attempted kidnapping, physicians with much to hide, a glamorous social whirl involving the future King Edward VIII, and finally, deaths and burials worthy of a Wagnerian music drama.

Gliding between London, Lincolnshire, New Zealand and Australia, Heather’s story lifts the lid on High Society in the early twentieth century. This beautiful book is, quite simply, sensational.

‘Searching for Grace will haunt you forever.’  

Edward Mayor
Woodhall Spa

Edward Mayor is the author of two books that include aspects of Lady Grace
Weigall’s life: ‘Petwood The Remarkable story of a famous Lincolnshire Hotel’, and ‘The Kinema In The Woods’. Other books by Edward include ‘Lincolnshire Artists One Hundred Years 1906—2006’, ‘The Duncan Grant Murals In Lincoln Cathedral’, ‘The Woodhall Spa Guide’, and ‘The Case Of The Golden Man’.